Six factions to seize consumer finance Bank and offline fighting was going on

  side, ping an has just released Christmas Whitney's new strategy to become the largest consumer finance company in China; side, Alibaba ants spend announced that the "tentacles" extending system, access over more than 40 Internet shopping platform.

    on July 9, China CITIC Bank has just announced, the Board considered the adoption of the restructuring Bill on credit card business company, agreed to launch a credit card business of company restructuring, direct intention behind this move is power consumption markets.

    incomplete statistics, according to the newspaper journalists, for nearly two months, include traditional financial institutions such as ICBC, peace, Jingdong, Ali and other Internet giants, as well as many P2P Internet banking platform, staging site are announced with new strategies for consumer finance.

    Boston Consulting publication reports show that as of 2014, individual consumption loans is about 7.7 trillion yuan, the number will grow to 17.5 trillion in 2018. IResearch the more optimistic forecasts, in 2017, the scale of consumption credit in China will be more than 27 trillion yuan, average annual compound growth rate of over 20%.

    is foreseeable, as consumer finance company expansion, consumer credit licences, policy driven, mass consumption upgrading and development of credit data, mobile Internet technology, huge potential for consumer finance is being quickly released.

    six factions seize the

    promote consumer finance rising the most direct factor, policy and market factors.

    Analysys International believes that since the beginning of 2015, with a series of changes in the international and domestic economic and policy environment, economic growth was below market expectations, first-quarter GDP growth rate was only 7%. In the case of investment efficiency in China, the foreign trade situation, the consumer pull on GDP growth has become increasingly important.

    on June 10, 2015, the Executive meeting of the State Council decided to release the consumer finance market, consumer finance company expanded from 16 cities across the country. Approval authority to the departments at the provincial level, and to encourage eligible private capital, domestic and foreign banking institutions and Internet companies initiated the establishment of a consumer financial company.

    early-stage consumer financial market participants for each of the major commercial banks, licensed consumer finance companies, as well as thousands of small loan companies. Later, some consumer finance company licence Ali, Jingdong, Lucia Lacarra through its micro-credit company licence in a number of consumer finance business.

    in addition, includes interesting staging, staging music in nearly two years, and some online lenders through P2P direct connection in the form of funds and borrowers, and bypass the restriction of consumer finance companies, involved in consumer markets.

    thanks to online consumer advantages, the Internet consumer finance business is growing rapidly. In Jingdong white, for example, the limit of the product in June of this year compared with the same period last year, an increase of 600%. Students staging platform-an interesting staging staging part of scale there are 300 million per month now.

    in addition to the e-commerce platform, P2P platforms, staging site is outside with three factions, banks, small loan companies, consumer finance companies and other consumer finance market one of the first three participants are constantly adjust their strategies by strengthening the restructuring to consolidate their Internet sites.

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