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    online query channel is the people's Bank of China credit information center for convenient public query my credit report, following a query service after the introduction of the Internet and a non-referral services. Personal credit report network silver query service, is through commercial banks online bank for social public provides of I credit report query service, that personal through commercial banks online bank system submitted query application, and Yu second days gets I credit report, can query to you I of credit report, credit report inside has you I in levy letter system in the of credit information, and public information and was query records, information.

    "online banking queries and Web channels, personal credit report is not currently in real time delivery will normally submit a query request personal feedback query results on the second day. If you need to query my credit report and recommendations to the local branch of people's Bank site query. "Department officials reminded the PBoC Haikou branch credit.

    It should be said that, online access to personal credit report, including queries through the Internet channel and commercial Internet banking query channel, is unlimited and no fees. But through other channels the query credit under the credit management Ordinance, the individual query my credit reports a year ago 2 free, 3rd and above, query service fee will be charged each received 25. Among them, counter, and self-service equipment queries only twice a year free of chance (today in two ways), starting from the third, to charge 25 fee.




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