Bank personal credit risk rising

all the personal credit of commercial bank lending not only tightening, loan qualification and more strict. Banks also indicated that provision of services is prohibited from lending stock. Individual banking requirements, although you do not need a mortgage, but the applicant must provide proof of home ownership in order to obtain loans. Moreover, the lending bank will track loans, into the stock market is strictly prohibited. Such as customer loans for stock investments, the Bank will request its immediate repayment and after interruption of the loan.

Bank personal credit risk climbing

    "have recently wanted to loan? "Journalists just pick up the phone, handset there came the sound of familiar and extremely attentive. Phone is comes from the heads of bank credit/tr (not his real name). Zhejiang/tr works for a commercial bank, will recommend to acquaintances around every time your credit.

    said that their bank is "small but excellent" personal loans loan the most popular of them, such as against individuals pushed some qualifications better mortgage loans or unsecured lines of credit, in which individuals can reach 1 million line of credit without collateral, after submitting an application, for up to two days to lenders.

   /tr told reporters, back when the bull market, this mortgage and personal loans are particularly popular, "many people are choosing mortgages or better qualified people will choose credit, then access to part or all of the investment of funds in the stock market."

   , "of course, the State is prohibited Bank loans into the stock market, but in fact we are able to monitor the lender's qualifications and ability to repay, after he received the money money eventually where are uncontrolled. "/Tr is also helpless.

   /tr says is true. Indeed, many small and medium commercial banks in order to conduct differentiated competition, in the field of personal loans staking, introduced a number of convenient consumer loan business.

    and the corresponding phenomenon is that every time when the bull market, the personal loan service is quite popular, the number could surge, which a lot of the money went into the stock market.

   , however, many people in the industry in an interview with international financial newspaper reminds, that personal introduction of consumer loan capital flows is difficult to control once the mass into the stock market risk is difficult to control, when the bull market was happy, but the stock market once dropped, bad debt can be risky.

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